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Control of Quality Records

Control of Quality Records: OP-424-01 Revision E

Effective Date:4-21-15
Owner Approval by Brian L. Darby, AS9100 Coordinator, on 4-21-15
Management Approval by Craig O. Garneau, President, on 4-21-15

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    To define the controls for the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention time, and disposition of records


    The table below identifies the people and their responsibility relating to this procedure:




    Quality Assurance Manager & Assistant
    AS9100 Coordinator

    Administer the control of the quality records system.

    Department Supervisors

    Maintain quality records relating to their function.

    All Employees

    Fill out forms and store company related records as specified in this procedure.


    The table below identifies the number and the title of the forms and references that are applicable to this procedure;

    Form/Reference Number



    Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations

    FM-423-01 Document Master List with Revision History


    Shop Order Envelope


    1. Quality records at QNP consist of those documents that describe the results of some activity. Examples of quality records include inspections, tests, reviews, audits, measurements, training records, meeting minutes. . The control of quality records refers to the originals.

    2. The Document Master List with Revision History, FM-423-01, lists for each quality record;
      • The document code and title,
      • The current revision and issue date,
      • A description of revision changes,
      • The index for sorting or filing the records,
      • The location of active records and the position responsible for maintaining them,
      • The active retention time for records, and the total retention time for archived records,
      • The means for retrieving records,
      • The methods for disposing of the records, when their total retention time is up and they are no longer useful.

    3. QNP quality records are maintained to demonstrate product quality, effectiveness of the quality system and/or conformance to specified requirements.

    4. QNP personnel involved with filling out forms and storing company related records are to ensure that the records are:
      • filled out properly, accurately, and completely
      • documented in ink or other permanent marker
      • signed and dated, when appropriate
      • legible when hand written
      • printed through all copies of multiple carbons
      • stored in a clean, dry area in such a manner as to prevent damage or deterioration to prevent loss
      • stored either on paper (hard copy) or stored on the computer (electronic media) for the proper retention period
      • made available to the customer or regulatory authority upon request, when required by contract.

    5. Quality records are generated internally within QNP and externally from customers, suppliers and subcontractors.

    6. QNP will adhere to specific document retention requirements flowed down by customers. These requirements are typically communicated on purchase orders or supplier quality instructions. Information regarding document retention periods maintained in the Customer Master List Database is for reference only. Unless otherwise specified, the document retention period for Tier 1 customers is a minimum of 7 years, and a minimum of 1 year for Tier 2 customers.

    7. Pens with permanent ink should be used to make corrections or changes to quality records. White-out or pencil should not be used to make corrections or changes to quality records.

    8. Exclusion to procedure 5.2 Making Corrections on Quality Records: Scheduled ship dates are frequently changed on Shop Order Envelopes, FM-710-01. In order to keep them legible, the ship date field on the envelope may be covered over with a label to replace information. Changes should be recorded online in Job Tracking.

    9. Typically, QNP asks that suppliers provide all necessary quality records so they may be retained and controlled internally. When a QNP supplier is required to maintain quality records, the means for retaining and controlling the records are specified on purchasing documents. When required, QNP suppliers should maintain quality records to the same standards as referenced in Policy Note 4 of this procedure.



    The control of quality records involves the following individual procedures:

    5.1 Filling Out Quality Records
    5.2 Making Corrections on Quality Records
    5.3 Maintaining Quality Records
    5.4 Identifying Quality Record Retention Requirements
    5.5 Archiving Quality Records
    5.6 Disposition of Original Quality Records

    5.1 Filling out quality records
    Follow the steps in the table below to assure that a quality record is properly filled out.




    Handwritten entries should be legible.


    When using multiple copy forms, entries are to be printed through all copies of multiple carbons


    Fill out all the information required properly, accurately, and completely.


    When appropriate, sign and date the record.

    5.2 Making corrections on quality records
    Follow the steps in the table below to make corrections to a quality record. Corrections to quality records are to be such that traceability and any significant history is maintained. Corrections are to be made in ink.




    ASK: Will corrections made to this document be clear and legible?

    • If "No", create a new record.
    • If "Yes", go to Step 2.

    Cross out what is to be changed with a single line.


    Initial and date what has been crossed out.


    Make the change required.


    Initial and date the change made.

    5.3 Maintaining Quality Records
    The table below identifies the type of quality records maintained at QNP and how each is maintained.

    Type of Quality Record

    How It Is Maintained


    • Protect the record from becoming dirty or soiled.
    • Keep records away from sources of contamination.
    • Use a plastic sleeve if appropriate.

    Electronic Media


    • Use virus protection practices.
    • Backup data on a regular basis.
    • Maintain backups off site if appropriate.

    5.4 Identifying quality record retention requirements
    Quality record retention requirements are specified in FM-423-01 Document Master List with Revision History

    Specified retention requirements are established in accordance with the:

    • duration of the contract
    • life of the product, and
    • requirements of applicable standards, and
    • government, customer, legislative, statutory, regulatory, and/or contract requirements.

    Reference FM-423-01 to determine the filing index, active location, responsibility, active retention time, total retention time, and disposal method of the record.

    5.5 Archiving quality records
    Authorized personnel use the steps in the table below to properly archive quality records. Outside storage services are not used to archive quality records.





    Labeling the box

    Indicate the names of the records being archived.



    Indicate the period covered by the records being archived.

    Example: From (the date of the first record ) to (date of the last record)



    Indicate the date the box is being archived.


    Storing the box

    Place the records in a designated archive storage area that will:

    • Protect the record from becoming dirty or soiled.
    • Keep records away from sources of contamination.

    5.6 Disposition of original quality records
    Authorized personnel use the steps in the table below to assure the proper disposal of original quality records.




    Review the records to be disposed.


    Ask: Has the useful life of the records ended?

    • If "No", do not dispose of the records.
    • If "Yes", go to Step 3.

    Ask: Have the contractual requirements of the records been satisfied?

    • If "No", do not dispose of the records.
    • If "Yes", go to Step 4.

    Dispose of quality records.
    QNP Management determines disposal methods for quality records based on the type of quality record, data contained in the record, and/or security requirements. Records are shredded when appropriate.


    The retention duration for records referenced in this procedure are available on-line in the FM-423-01 Master Document List with Revision History.
    Records are maintained in accordance with OP-424-01 Control of Quality Records.


    Revision, approved date, effective date, and a document change summary for this document is located on-line in the FM-423-01 Master Document List with Revision History.